Irish Sports


Iománaíocht Áitiúil - Local Hurling

The history of hurling in Ireland is centuries old and can be traced back through early written stories of Irish lore. The popular field sport has made its way over here and gained a strong following in the Missoula valley. You can catch the Griz Hurling Team and the Thomas Meagher Hurling Club going head to head during the Fall and Spring, as well as going up against other teams in the Northwest. For more information on Griz Hurling practices, games, and upcoming events, contact team leader Tanner Sholey at

Thomas Meagher Hurling Club - Missoula’s adult hurling club

Éire Óg Hurling Club - Missoula’s youth hurling club. Visit the facebook page or contact for more information.

Wolf Tones Hurling Club - Montana’s newest hurling club, based in Butte! Visit their website or their Facebook page. For more information contact Ryan Mulcahy (406) 360-0922 or

Hurling in the Shadow of the Rockies is a unique, bi-lingual podcast. Subscribe for interviews and podcasts in both English and Irish. You can find them on their website or visit them on Facebook.